Why waxing?


 Treat yourself to silky smooth skin with either hot or warm wax. Superiority wax used during treatment, adheres only to the hair and not the skin. New generation non-strip wax has revolutionised for the face and sensitive areas. We will recommend the most suitable wax, pre/post oils and lotions for your skin and hair type, ensuring to provide you with a hygienic, fast, effective, and virtually pain-free treatment.  Regular waxing will make your hair finer and will also cause it to grow back slower, which means less pain with each visit. Make it your monthly ritual and reap the rewards of a regular wax routine.

Hygiene at our salon of upmost importance and taken very seriously by all Staff. Disposable gloves are worn by our therapist and disposable spatulas are never double dipped for intimate hot wax treatments, all other waxing equipment is sterilized with hospital grade disinfectant after each client.

Prepare for waxing

  • Be certain that the hair is at least 0,5 cm(1/4 inch) long. If the hair is much longer, the whole process can be really painful
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning beds for at least 24 hours prior to waxing
  • Your skin has to be dry- no oils, no creams before waxing
  •  Exfoliate before waxing- it helps to remove dead skin cells (You can exfoliate with a rough towel or a luffa sponge)

After care

  • Apply body lotion, or special after wax lotion
  • Don’t use alcohol
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning beds the following few days, because you removed the upper layer of the skin, thus reducing the skin’s natural protection and the UV light can burn the skin
  • Don’t go to sauna, swimming pool or beach the following day, because of the risk of infection
  • Use louffa sponge
  • Exfoliate
  • Avoid shaving too closely to the skin.

How to prevent ingrown hair?

  • Use luffa sponge
  • Exfoliate
  • Avoid shaving too closely to the skin
  • Use body oil after bathing.


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