Threading in Cork What is threading?

Threading is fast becoming the most popular method for hair removal. Method of plucking untidy hair using rolled threads is favored currently as it avoids pulling on the skin, which is very sensitive around the eye area. Also used to treat upper lip, chin, sides of face, neck. Results usually last 2-7 weeks depending on the hair growth/skin types. More often the treatment, longer the results.

Originated from India and the Far East, also known as KHITE (Arabic) and Fatlah (Egyptian). Threading the entire face is widely used amongst Iranians, Turkish and Indian women but it was originally practiced when a woman was getting married or during special occasions. In ancient Persia, threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood and become a woman.


  • Any skin disease/disorder in the area
  • Recent scar tissues less than 6 month old
  • Cuts/Abrasions (wait for 1/2 weeks until it heals properly).
  • Diabetes (If your Diabetes is controlled, get a permission from GP)
  • Conjuntivitis
  • Stye-Horloulem (Infection of eyelash folicles)
  • Herpes Simplex (if lip area is treated)
  • Conjuntivitis



  • DO Not tweeze/wax area for at least 2 weeks before treatment.
  • Hair should be at least 2-3 mm long
  • It’s better to come to your treatment with no make-up on the area, or it will be removed prior treatment.
  • During treatment you will be asked to lightly stretch some areas with your hands.



  • DO Not put any make-up for at least 24 h.
  • No creams/lotions for 24 h after treatment.
  • No false tan applied to the area for at least 24 h.
  • If area becomes sensitive you can apply antiseptic lotion such as Savlon.


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